Bohemia Balet


The group consists of students and alumni, who are charged with artistic tasks prepared in terms of extracurricular artistic activities. (more…)

String Ladies


The non-traditional music band String Ladies consists of EliŇ°ka Dvorsk√° (1st violin), KateŇôina Z√≠kov√° (violoncello) and 2nd violin, played by guests Jaroslava Kleinov√°, Anna J√≠rovcov√° and Pavla Dubn√°. (more…)

Markéta Mátlová


Studied at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU). (more…)

Petra Perla N√ītov√°


Soprano Petra N√ītov√° comes from Slovakia, where she was born in 1976. She studied singing at the Conservatory in KoŇ°ice under Dagmar Luk√°ńćov√° (1990-95) and at the College of Music in Bratislava under Professor Vikt√≥ria Stracensk√° (1995-2000). (more…)

Cirque Garuda and its members

Cirque Garuda and its members are co-creators of the performance using the interactive mapping and projection into live performances.



Artist dealing with new circus audiovisual performances. ATI is dedicated to circus arts since 1996. Gradually forfeit various disciplines, linking the old world looking for the large tents, modern theater and digital technology. (more…)

Petr Krejńć√≠k – video mapping

The projections began in late 2004, as to occasional VJ techno parties, with a penchant for progressive op-arthouse minimalist schemes. (more…)